WRAP are still looking for a permanent home in Stratford, while at the same time seeking to connect with and provide a hub for other charities, enabling us all to serve the community better.


Eastnor House (photographed) has the potential to be that community hub. We have applied to the Stratford District Council for funds to carry out a feasibility study to see if it is possible to recruit enough community organisations to work with us to develop this historic building into a Centre of Excellence.

If you have similar aims and would like to join us we would love to hear from you.

In the first instance, we would be seeking to preserve an historic building which will then go on to house a number of offices, cafe, museum and meeting rooms. The trustees will recruit volunteers, full and part time staff to participate in its refurbishment and development.

The building would also be a training centre, holding workshops and conferences, as well as providing a much needed community facility for voluntary organisations.

The centre would create a resource for schools across the county, running interactive programmes linked to the core curriculum. WRAP would work closely with the County Council’s library and heritage service to ensure resources were linked.

It is also intended to become a centre for Dementia and provide daycare and a cafe for those living with dementia. WRAP is also working closely with the royal British legion Galanos House and the The strategic Commissioning peoples Group from the County Council to this end.

There is a great need for respite care for all carers especially those caring for a loved living with Dementia. WRAP is currently working with a consortium of Charities to make this happen.

The idea of having a centre of excellence that serves Warwickshire and the West Midlands has been arrived at by studying research undertaken in 2005 by Margaret Hunter, a respected educationalist. The study looked into the need in Warwickshire for Reminiscence work and the support available for that work to continue.