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 Logo designed by Ian Greenall

Warwickshire Reminiscence Action Projec

Charity Number 1135981.The Chapel Stratford Hospital                                               

Arden Street

Stratford upon Avon                          

Warwickshire CV37 6NX

The Trustees of WRAP welcome you to our web site.


The hot news is that in April WRAP will have a celebrity taking part in the Stratford marathon raising funds for WRAP


Look for the mydonate link below.

  SEE TRAINING PAGE:- For latest news on training courses:

 Joining WRAP

Our Extensive resource centre with 40  themed boxes all containing artifacts from the past

are available for the same price as last year.

To join WRAP costs just £38.00 per annual membership.

Each resource available encourages memories using the five senses

By Joining WRAP you can borrow a box or item for up to 21 days before you need to return it.

Items can also be borrowed and returned on a weekly basis as the resource centre is open every

Tuesday from 9.30 until 4.30 in the afternoon.

You can book your request by telephone enabling you to collect or exchange with a minimum of fuss and time.

If you wish to have more information please telephone 01789 262062 .

Stratford Marathon 2014. On Sunday 27th April

Jon Howe will be taking part in the race to raise funds for WRAP .

To Sponsor Jon please use the link below..............

So far Jon has raised over £200.00                                                                                                                                



To Sponsor Jon click here.... https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/jonhowe1


New Partnership

Stratford Arts festival "Listening project".

We are currently working with the listening project team collecting memories of Stratford upon Avon.

We are getting some great memories from our residents.

For further information, contact ian@unityrootsproductions.co.uk or ring 01789 292718.


Stratford Hospital (Nichol Unit).

Since the refurbishment of the Nicol Unit WRAP have been training members of the nursing team in Reminiscence therapy to Open College Accreditation level 3. By using the WRAP resource library the staff can find a resource to promote memories in a variety of those they are engaging with.

The Nichol unit will be linking with WRAP's training packages that are available for staff and volunteers.

It is hoped that a patients stay in the Nichol Unit will be a stimulating experience and improve their well-being. For further information on this project please contact liz.gould@swft.nhs.uk 

or Mike at wrap1@hotmail.co.uk

By moving into the old Chapel on Stratford Hospital Site near the Nichol Unit we can cater for the units needs.

We are open Tuesdays 9.00 until 4.30 p.m So pop along and meet us.  Visitors can park free for 15 minutes. ample time to pick up a resource you want to borrow.


Trustee vacancies

WRAP is always looking for like minded volunteers to join the Trustees. In particular we require a trustees that have expertise in Marketing  and social media. If you feel that you can contribute and would like further details please contact the secretary 01789 262062 

Training Coordinator required as soon as possible.

WRAP is seeking a volunteer to assist in the running of our training programmes. They consist of the courses and programmes set out below.

Course one:-

The programme consists accredited Open College Network one day Course in Reminiscence Awareness.

Course Two:-

This course is delivered at the client's place of employment over a period of eight weeks as a distance learning package in "Reminiscence Therapy Training".

Carers' Programme

In addition to the above courses WRAP run weekly carers Information Support programmes (CISP)

These programmes run for eight weeks, the duration being two hours per week.  They are delivered to individuals who are caring for a loved one living with dementia.

the booking of venues and registering carers for the programme and liaising with the delivery staff is part of the role.

Attendance at some of the above sessions may be required but this would be negotiable.

The voluntary post will include producing the marketing posters, recruiting delegates, booking venues, printing handouts, ensuring equipment is booked and delivered on time, ensuring refreshments are available.

To comply with the day course and eight week OCN courses delegates will need to be registered  with

the Open College Network ensuring records are kept and posted on line, which includes the results and ordering certificates.

There is also a commitment to attend marking sessions to record passes and failures.

Training and travel and reasonable out of pocket will be expenses will be paid.

If you are interested in this post and have some knowledge of further education delivery please contact the the office. for further details  01789 262062.

WRAP Newsletter Re-recruits editor and producer Colin Sheldon. Colin who has developed WRAP's Newsletter over the last 18 months is back on board.

I am pleased to say that he will continue to produce our newsletter.

We are about to give the newsletter a new name The WRAP. The idea  came from a group that have formed themselves since participating in one of wRAPS Cisp courses. They have had the idea of calling them selves the WRAPPERS. So we are adopting the idea and Friends of WRAP will now be known as WRAPPERS. If you have any comments on this please get in touch with Colin.

If you have any articles you would like to contribute please contact Colin via the office 01789 262062.

Reminiscence Therapy.

W.R.A.P is a limited company by guarantee that has acquired Charity status and become a centre for the Open College Network. Our objectives are to promote Reminiscence therapy work and to provide on going training for people working with older members of the community and carers who work alongside people on the dementia journey.

Additionally we aim to provide reminiscence therapy training for carers and volunteers who work in schools through the community.

We will also carry out projects on intergeneration work within schools  linking them to community groups.

 We also wish to establish a centre for the development of reminiscence work in Warwickshire.

What is Reminiscence?.............................

Reminiscence work or therapy is excellent at developing well-being in people. It is an enjoyable experience, It brings people together to discuss a  memory or memories of events that have been shared by those participating. Holidays, work, family, the war, festivals and the seasons, are some of the themes that can be used to reminisce.

All memories are assisted by the six senses. Touch smell, taste,sound and sight, and physical action.

Our trigger boxes are full of items that use the five senses to promote memory recall and the enjoyment of discovering something from your past that had not been seen for a long time.

Resource Centre and Trigger Bank

We have a selection of triggers mostly themed in boxes for loan. To join the trigger bank it costs £38.00 per year. You will be able to loan each trigger box for up to 21 days. We have a choice of 32 boxes all themed and including artifacts that will stimulate the five sense. The trigger bank is open every Tuesday from 10.00 a.m. until 3.30 p.m. in the afternoon.

Lorna Ellis our admin assistant will look forward to meeting you. or you can telephone . 0770 414 7316

If you are interested in supporting WRAP, we would welcome you to become a member of one of our committees and encourage you to attend our next meeting please telephone for date and time.

Alternatively you could just become a WRAPPER.

To become a WRAPPER and a friend send £10.00 together with your name address & post code to our secretary. In exchange you will receive a copy of our newsletter and invites to attend at a discount our organised events some of which are social occasions.

Sometime in the future we are intending to open a centre of excellence for reminiscence, which will be a centre for well-being and provide an Alzheimer’s café together with a trigger collection that will encourage interactive displays. There will be themed rooms depicting triggers that can be borrowed for group work. We hope that the building will be a period building that will reflect the 19th and 20th Century. We wish to preserve the history of Stratford upon Avon and the surrounding countryside and how it contributed towards the war effort in both wars.  To do this we would need a building and lots of money. If you have those items and would like to donate them please speak to our secretary.

WRAP has been funded by

Shakespeare Lions

Bancroft Cruisers

The Heart of England Community Foundation.

Stratford River Festival

Meeteatdrink ( the Tramway Inn)


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