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Being part of Warwickshire Reminiscence Action Project team, means making decisions that will impact on people living with dementia and their carer´s lives, making a difference to our local community daily.

Our team has been growing over the years, as our reach extends to new ventures. Our diverse skills and experience are what makes “WRAP” come alive and help deliver our long term goals.

Trustees & Team

Liz Edwards – Chairperson

liz edwards

Family circumstances have led me to be very aware of various types of dementia and the effects that it has on people´s wellbeing.I was asked to join WRAP as a fundraiser and soon after I became a Trustee and my journey with WRAP has led me to being its Chairperson.

It has been very rewarding to see how far WRAP has come from its onset. From offering LAALO programmes for carers,(initially known as CISP), to running Reminiscence awareness courses, running Cafés, and now running a pilot Day Centre and how much we can still grow. Because we are a very small charity with big ambitions, our focus in the near future will have to be on fundraising, so that we can continue to offer more and better support to the communities we are involved in.

Rosemarie Shakesheff – Vice Chair


I joined WRAP as a Trustee and have been volunteering from the onset in the Café at Bishopton´s Community Centre.
The work and the support we are providing is not only crucial to the communities we are involved in, but it is also very rewarding.
It is quite interesting to see how the understanding of the issues that encompasses dementia is on the increase for both clients and carers, based on the support we provide.
I have met a lot of very nice people from this experience, and I go away on a Friday feeling quite lifted.
Alice Bailey, Treasurer  
Joanne Wilson, Trustee  
Christine Edwards, Trustee  
Marie Darwen, Trusteemarie-darwen I agreed to be a trustee of WRAP as I believe the work they do to support people living with dementia and their carers is invaluable.  Although fortunate enough not to have experience of dementia within my immediate family, a close family friend was diagnosed with dementia many years ago and I saw the huge impact it has on the family.

Accessing meaningful support for families can be difficult and finding activities that stimulate the person living with dementia can also be tricky.  WRAP aims to address both of these issues through the dementia cafes which offer a range of activities including reminiscence therapy which can hugely benefit the wellbeing of the person with dementia.  The ‘Looking After a Loved One’ Programme offers exceptional support to carers who may just be starting out on the dementia journey or those who are at their wits end.

I support WRAP because the organisation provides services that are desperately needed.  The staff and volunteers are particularly dedicated and always consider the interests of people living with dementia and their carers at all times.

Wendy Strophair, Trustee

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Wendy Joined WRAP at its birth and also sits as a trustee at heart of England Mencap.

Wendy also established a charity called Shakespeare PHAB club which meets at Junction 21. In Stratford upon Avon.

Wendy also has supported the Food bank in Stratford ever since her husband started it off with the help Shakespeare Lions and Rotary.

Trustee vacancy
, Marketing and Communication


There is an estimated 46.8M people living with dementia in the world and it is viewed as our greatest challenge for the decades to come. Raising awareness to the various types of dementia and providing support to carers and their loved ones living with dementia, is a journey I want to be part of.

WRAP offers a multitude of support services and activities that range from Day Care centre, Dementia cafés, training and awareness courses and trigger boxes on loan for reminiscence therapy. WRAP´s support to those living with dementia and their carers in Warwickshire is invaluable

Email: susana.pais@reminiscence.org.uk

Mike Strophair, Secretary


I was born in Warwickshire during WWII, and for many years my professional life was immersed in the industrial construction of trains and buses.
After an industrial accident my career took a turn. I became a qualified teacher and some years later, became a Community Education Coordinator.
During a meeting, I was asked “What are you going to do for the old people”, and the answer lead me to set up WRAP in 2003.
Studies have shown that Reminiscence therapy improves well-being, irrespective of age. It has a beneficial impact throughout our lives, from our childhood, right through to old age, and particularly effective for those living with dementia.
My journey with WRAP has been incredibly rewarding, and I see my personal mission as “Championing well-being in other people”
Email: mike.strophair@reminiscence.org.uk



Day Care Assistant