New view for Cafe WRAP Bishopton thanks to primary school pupils

Thanks to pupils from Bishopton Primary School, the rusty steel container that has been the view at Cafe WRAP Bishopton has been given a facelift and now sports a lovely colourful mural.

The mural was chosen from 12 pictures submitted by the pupils from Bishopton Primary’s school council. Each of the pupils drew their own picture, which were then entered into a competition to decide which one would be reproduced on the side of the container.

Members of Cafe WRAP with the new colourful mural painted by children from Bishopton Primary School

The result was a beautiful rainbow mural that has been painted by the entire school, mounted on the side of the container and waterproofed so it stands up to the good old English weather.

Members of Cafe WRAP are delighted with the new view, describing it as “bright and colourful” and a wonderful change from the rusting yellow container that was the view for many years.

The previous view before the wonderful mural was added

WRAP would like to extend a huge thank you to Bishopton Primary School for all your support and for creating such a wonderful view for our guests.

The plan is now to plant a garden in front of the container, containing a number of wooden raised planters, described with help from Stratford’s Men in Sheds, adding even more life to the outside space at Cafe WRAP. The planters will be decorated with wooden panels to match Laura’s concept and have been painted by pupils as part of the project.

Members of WRAP with the new mural at Cafe WRAP Bishopton.
 New view for Cafe WRAP Bishopton thanks to primary school pupils