Our latest WRAP newsletter

WRAP newsletter

Message from  Mike Strophair, WRAP Company Secretary

Dear WRAP members and volunteers. 

We are sorry that we have had to shut down all our services.

I have been put in the “old and at risk” category which means I am isolated. My wife Wendy is waiting for a heart operation so we have to be careful that the virus is kept at bay.

Cafe WRAP Bishopton

The year has been mixed. Relationships with Bishopton School have been very good, building on last year’s project that put a picture on the container and the planters that the Men in Sheds manufactured. The children have been planting these with bulbs and other winter plants.

Mrs Lisa Clayton has been very helpful working with the pupils who have been into the Cafe WRAP to take part in activities such as painting the containers and making clay animals with Carey Moon.

Numbers at the cafe have stayed around 8 couples joining us each week. This reduced number is down to the lack of LAALO programmes which usually feed participants into the cafe. However, Rosemarie has recruited two volunteers who wish to run the next LAALO programme which takes place at Alcester Café.

Sadly because of the Virus the Cafe has been closed and everything is on hold.

Please note that I am working from home at Comet House. Please contact me on 0780 372 9894 or by email at Wrap1@hotmail.co.uk

We had also intended to run another LAALO programme at Briar Croft from April.  Unfortunately, this programme cannot take place because all outsiders have been asked not to access Briar Croft.

Our Reminiscence Training is in a similar situation.  We cannot run that training until we have the all clear from the virus.

However, we will be phoning round to see if you are all OK and if you need any help we will be there for you. So please ask.  Keep smiling and wash your hands!

Cafe WRAP  Wellesbourne

The news from the Cafe is that Heather had an exciting holiday in Africa and came back to the UK to find us coping with the virus.

The cafe is now closed until we are able to reopen.

As Wellesbourne is a small community we should be able to help each other. So please get in touch if you need any help.

 It will not be long before the weather gets warmer and the allotment will require some plants put in and winter swept away. I am sure Heather will welcome anyone who would like to help with the planting. So, as soon as we can start to get back to normal, please put your name down to help.

WRAP Plans for the future

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant from Stratford Town Trust to recruit a person to take on the role of Charity Manager. We have also been funded to employ a person to run the admin of the resource centre. We have had nine applications for the admin post and will run the interviews when we can.

In addition we have been awarded a grant to employ a person to manage some volunteers to create memory boxes for the resource centre. These new boxes will be used by people living with dementia. We also hope to organise our open garden social event again this year. It will be a case of watch this space. So keep safe and please wash your hands!

A reminder of less stressful times – The Rainbow Garden Project

Will those of you who are not in the “at-risk” groups do all you can to look after those amongst us who are threatened?

Registered Offices: Comet House, 97-99 Shipston Road, Stratford upon Avon, CV37 7LW. Tel:  01789 261061



 Our latest WRAP newsletter