An update from WRAP May 2021

  News from WRAP, your invitation and more …!
WRAP members in front of the picture chosen from the many the children submitted to be judged the winner.

Spring has been busy for the wonderful team here at WRAP.  We have had to cope with COVID over the last two years and we have lost many of our supporters and their loved ones.

We are looking for a volunteer to help on a Friday . The cafe is open from 2.00pm until 4.00pm. contact Mike 07803729894 if you can help.

At present the cafe is missing its buzz. We need more visitors on a Friday after noon to help the cafe get started again. We have a program of entertainment and activities which include the orchestra of the swan. A visit from the school pupils who will sing to us.

Café WRAP:  Bishopton, enjoyed a visit from Carey Moon. The task in hand was to make figures from the magic roundabout. So far they have made Brian the snail out of clay.

Do You want to help WRAP. All it takes is a donation of £10.00 for the year or if you wish to become a supporter of WRAP.  We would also like to ask you to please fill in the Gift Aid declaration which is enclosed in next month’s newsletter – or give us a call at the office 01789 261061 (leave a message with your name and address) and we will pop one in the post to you.  (Our treasurer Frank will do a little happy dance if you do!)  If you are a taxpayer then we can claim a little extra from the government – and as a popular saying goes “every little helps”.

Request for artifacts:  Can you help us?  Jane has been busy creating new trigger boxes and expanding the resource centre but we need your help to . Our task is to find examples of the queen’s corgi dogs and a head scarf . We are putting together a reminiscence box that will track the queens life and service to the country if not the world. So if you can help give Jane a call on 01789 261061. Also in this month’s newsletter will be an update on our LAALO program “looking after a loved one” living with dementia. The programs are being run in Alcester and in Stratford upon Avon.

 An update from WRAP May 2021